For todays post I have taken one step into a photographers world. Equipped with a Canon Powershot G7X, a USB SD-Card Reader and my Lumia 950 XL + Display Dock I set out on a journey to capture some photos and insert them into to this very blog post using nothing but my phone.

IMG_5383 IMG_5372

Seeing that I’m truly on vacation, all pictures were taken in the vicinity of my little workstation here.

Let’s review what’s on todays agenda:

Tasks for the day

  • Take pictures with a digital camera
  • Transfer those pictures to your phone
  • Insert said pictures in the blog post using Edge

Sounds good. This should be easy, no?

Taking pictures with a digital camera

This was the easiest task. No problem with the stunningly compact but yet powerful Canon Powershot G7X (no endorsement). Next!

Transferring pictures from the camera to the phone

When transferring pictures from the camera to the phone I have two options:

  1. Put the mini-SD card from my camera into my phone
  2. Put the mini-SD card into a mini-SD-to-regular-SD-card-adapter and then put that into a USB SD-card-reader-stick and then plug it into the Display Dock

There’s also a third option for the picky reader: Connecting the USB card reader directly to the phone using a USB-C to USB 2/3 adapter. Since I don’t have that and the point of this series is to utilize the Display Dock and the phone to the max I went for option 2.

Connecting the USB card reader with the SD card inside was easy, but after plugging it in I was not sure if it worked or not. In Windows 10 you usually get a notification stating that the new plugged in drive is ready to use. This did not happen here.

Opening up the File Explorer app I could however see that I have two USB drives mounted in the left pane. The SD card reader I’m using has both a mini-SD slot and a regular SD slot so that’s why there are two drives. Some of you may go «Wait, what. Why did you put the mini-SD into a mini-SD-to-SD-adapter then?». I.. Just.. What.. ok?


Clicking on the drive brings up the folder and files view. Navigating back and forth is easy with the file explorer app. Thumbnails appear for the images as well which is nice.


Seeing that I have a bunch of images, I would like to select all of them. My first instinct was to select all files by dragging my mouse across the screen like in regular Explorer. That did not work as intended. Thankfully some keyboard shortcuts works as one would expect. Clicking on the first item then Shift-Click on the last item selects all photos.


I did not seem to be able to copy and paste using the keyboard, which is a bit unfortunate. Hopefully Microsoft will update the app to allow for a more regular Explorer experience when using Continuum.

Right-Clicking allows me to select an option to Copy files to a folder. This brings me into a Copy-Paste mode where I can select a folder and then click on the «V» button in the bottom bar to start copying. This seemed to work great until the app crashed. All files did get copied, but upon success it seems it crashed. A bug. Fix it please.


The images are now located on my phone. What I miss from the File Explorer is the option to go into OneDrive from the left pane like I can on my desktop. It should appear as a drive similar to the USB drives I connected.

Inserting images into the blog post

What good are taking pictures, getting them onto your local drive but not being able to post them online? None, so the final test is to see if we can insert them into the blog post online using the WordPress editor online.

I noticed a performance issue with Edge when pasting in the post from Word to WordPress yesterday. The WordPress administration system with the rich text editor proved to be a little too much for Edge to handle. Lots of delays and freezes.

Adding media to WordPress in Edge is a good experience actually. I was thinking it would for sure crash or would have issues tackling such large files and transfers. I was proven wrong. I underestimated Edge on this.


Transferring the files, editing some properties and inserting them into the post was smooth. Edge did however reset the tab a couple of times randomly. I guess it ran out of memory. If that’s because of the images or not I’m unsure.

There you go. If you run a blog, Tumblr or anything else and like to post pictures online but don’t want to drag with you a laptop? Take your Lumia 950 with you, a dock or USB-C to USB 2/3 adapter and live happily ever after.

If Microsoft can fix some performance issues in general, update File Explorer to mimic more of the regular Explorer experience and improve Edge in the near future then this can be a true hit for all those bloggers out there.

Of course this works really great if you are a perfect photographer and don’t need to edit, crop or touch up your images before posting them online, ever. The question becomes, what are our options for editing an image in Continuum mode? There’s also one other group that we need to cover: The video enthusiasts, vloggers or instagrammers: Video editing/production.

Can it be done now? Let’s see in the next couple of posts!

As a bonus, here are some pictures that I took with the camera

IMG_5374 IMG_5365 IMG_5360 IMG_5354 IMG_5352 IMG_5349 IMG_5346 IMG_5345 IMG_5338 IMG_5336

  • We need good app for editing RAW images which is compatible with continuum. Rawer is great, but is only usable on the phone for now.

    • Fhotoroom does RAW and has a desktop app made in Win8.1 era, and they’re finishing up their Win10 universal app.

      • Good to know, downloading in anticipation of Win10 app!

      • Henning M. Stephansen

        Hi Jeff and Ryan. Thanks for the tip! Will make sure to watch out for Fhotoroom on the store 🙂

  • ProPolice

    It’s so nice, coming to Disqus, and finding out that Continuum is actually useful, and users do their everyday work/hobby on a windows based phone. If the Surface Phone will really have Win32 support, as some rumors say, then it might be a stab for Apple and Google, and a hope of rising for MS. I’m nt saying WP/W10M are the best, because personal taste and stuff, but I see them as a worthy, competitor, with a lot of yet unknown potential.

    • Henning M. Stephansen

      I hope more developers out there embrace the Universal Windows Platform, more so than allowing Win32 apps although that would be awesome and very much doable with the new Intel x86 mobile chips.