Gabe from Penny Arcade has been in posession of a Microsoft Surface Book for two weeks and has shared his thoughts. So, what’s the lowdown?

Apparently, the first iteration of the Surface Book has some issues like blue screens, with both hardware and software issues with the detachment of the tablet part from the base, among a host of other issues, including easily cracking the tip on his new Surface Pen while drawing on the Surface Book.

The only other complaint I have is that the battery life of the tablet alone is not the best. When using it to draw and work with big files in a program like Manga Studio I was only able to get a couple hours out of it.

But it’s not all bad, as he concludes:

In the end I’m excited by the Surface Book. I’m the sort of user who is willing to put up with some bullshit with a new gadget. It sort of goes along with being an early adopter in my opinion. It does a lot of stuff I love even if it has a few hiccups or doesn’t do it as long as I’d like. I’ve always come at the Surface products as an artist because that’s how I use them. The Book is a fantastic drawing device. The screen is huge and sharp. The drawing feels accurate and responsive. Get me a top of the line stylus, maybe wring out some more battery life from the tablet and I’m one happy cartoonist.