In plain text, Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors in processors are doubled every two years. This may be broken now, as Intel admits they are currently closer to 2.5 years between each manufacturing transition, also known as their “tick-tock“, which has always lined up nicely with the observation of Moore’s Law.

Next year marks the first time they will actually skip a whole beat on the tick-tock, as they have postponed the introduction of their codename “Cannonlake” 10nm CPUs.

Intel will instead be releasing a third 14nm processor lineup, called Kaby Lake. Kaby Lake is a refresh of the current 14nm Skylake processor family.

To make things easier to grasp for anyone planning their next major computer platform upgrade, we created this infographic that illustrates the current state of Intel Processor Families “Tick-Tock”.

Click to view it in full size:

Intel Processor Families Tick-Tock infographic 2015-2017 by min
Infographic: Intel Processor Families Tick-Tock