How to Pre-Order a Microsoft Band 2 Outside the UK


Even though we’re in Norway, I managed to pre-order a Microsoft Band 2 by using the UK version of the Online Microsoft Store.

When completing the order and checking out, you get asked which country you want it shipped to. Correct purchasing tax (VAT) is also added, if applicable.

For people outside the EU, this means it will not have to be added by customs, so I should not have to pay any extra fees.

Band 2 Ship to countries

However, the one snag that prevents the completion of the order, is that the billing address for your credit card will be stuck on “United Kingdom”!

After chatting and speaking with a Microsoft sales rep, this was easily circumvented. They simply used the same address, except they put the following dummy UK postcode in replacing the Norway postcode:

It should look something like this, I just hid my personal details using some fancy boxes in Microsoft Paint:

Order overview 2

So, go ahead and pre-order your Microsoft Band 2 if you want one early!

They will begin shipping approx. 4th of November.

If you get any issues with completing the order, just open a chat. They were ready to help me instantly.

Order overview showing VAT (purchase tax) is included:

Order overview

  • Ludo

    Any issues with shipping? Mine got sent back because a shipping issue to Norway

    • That sucks! I’m in Norway and got mine without a hitch, but I heard that some people had issues with shipping. As long as the delivery address was set to Norway during the order process, it should have been shipped there. Open a Microsoft Store chat and ask Microsoft to reship it correctly if that happens, is my advice.

      • Ludo

        Was there any toll or import charges?