An A.I. Will Steal Your Job Tomorrow


A.I. or Artificial Intelligence, is software that can process input from all kinds of sensors and data simultaneously to make decisions faster and “better” than humans. It can run machines that work 24/7 without resting or complaining. If it needs to be improved or repaired, it’s a simple matter to deploy a temporary replacement or copy.

So, are you at risk that of having an A.I. or A.I.-driven robot put you out of a job soon?

BBC has created a “Likelyhood of automation” tool where you can check if your job is at risk of being replaced by A.I. or robots soon. Check it out here.

For now, I think I’m safe, luckily. But for the future, a safe job bet would probably be n the fields of A.I. programming and robot maintenance.

A.I. vs IT Engineers